Joe Biden targeted for white house renovation, Trump supporters says waste of money

Joe Biden to renovate white house
Joe Biden to renovate white house

The White House is being brightened to welcome newly elected President Joe Biden, a report said. Under this, toilets are being constructed at a cost of crores in the east wing.

In addition, the white house’s renovation has been heavily spent. The controversy has come to an awareness as soon as this report comes out.

America’s newly elected President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) has been embroiled in controversies even before he assumes power. A report claims that the White House for Biden’s wife is being built in the White House at a cost of $1.2 million, or about Rs 9 crore.

The revelations have allowed Trump supporters to attack the new president. He says that spending so much on toilets is a direct waste of taxpayers’ money. However, there has been no statement from Biden on the issue.

Project to be completed by May

TMZ reports that federal documents show that these toilets are being built in the east wing of the White House. There is no further information, but it has been indicated that the project will be completed by mid-May. Earlier a million 27 thousand dollars were given for cleaning up his office before the arrival of Joe Biden. Let’s say that Biden, who defeated Donald Trump, is going to be sworn in on January 20.

Jill Biden is a teacher by profession

The president’s wife Jill Biden (Jill Biden, 69) is going to make a record as first lady. Jill, a teacher by profession, has four degrees and will continue to teach outside as she performs her responsibilities of the first lady in the White House. Jill Biden will be the first first woman in American history to receive a salary by working outside the White House. Talking to the channel in August last year, she had said that she would continue her work even if she became a first lady.

Now, what will happen next?

Biden, who has been the target of the opposition, has been on the target of spending crores of rupees on toilets. Donald Trump may not have said anything publicly on the issue, but his supporters have opened a front against the newly elected president. He says that even before he is sworn in, what will be the case with Biden in five years can be thought of. Donald Trump is gearing up to bring an impeachment motion over capitol hill violence. Impeachment proceedings are believed to begin in parliament in the next one or two days.