Kangna Ranaut wins Bombay High Court, BMC gets stern rebuke


The Bombay High Court has quashed the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) notice on the action taken at the office of Kangana Ranaut….

The Bombay High Court has accepted a petition filed by Kangana Ranaut (Kangna Ranaut) against the Proceedings of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). At the same time, the court has termed the breaking action at Kangana Ranaut’s office as false. In a reprimand to the BMC, the court has termed the construction of Kangana’s office as justified.

Action taken in a spirit of revenge?

The Bombay High Court has said, the article in the face appears to have taken place after Kangana (Kangna Ranaut) described Mumbai as pok. The state government should ignore such irresponsible statements.

Breaking the bungalow on the part of the administration appears to be an act under the wrong spirit. Accepting Kangana’s plea, the court said, Kangana petitioner can do livable construction work.

Will the damage be compensated?

The court has quashed the notice of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). It also gives 3 months time to evaluate complaints and actions. The court said, if any illegal construction has taken off, the municipality should give a 7-day notice before taking action. The loss of Kangana’s bungalow will be evaluated by an independent institution.