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Tamil Nadu BJP leader KT Raghavan resigns after sexually explicit video goes viral

KT Raghavan video details

Tamil Nadu BJP general secretary KT Raghavan said on social media that he would take the legal route.

KT Raghavan video news: Tamil Nadu BJP general secretary KT Raghavan on Tuesday resigned from his post after a ‘sting operation’ that showed him engaging in a sexually explicit video chat with a woman.

Raghavan said on Twitter that he denies all allegations and will take the legal route. He said that the people of Tamil Nadu and those close to him know him well.

He claimed that the purpose of the video was to malign him and the party’s image. Soon after learning about it, he met BJP Tamil Nadu President K Annamalai and resigned.

“For the last 30 years, I have worked for the party without expecting any profit. I came to know about a video on social media in the morning. This has been issued with the intention of defaming me and my party. I met State President Annamalai and discussed it. I am resigning from my party post. I deny the allegations. I will take the legal route. Dharma will win!” Raghavan wrote on Twitter.

Later, Annamalai announced the formation of a panel to probe sexual allegations against party members and said that Raghavan would prove his “innocence”.

The party chief said he has ordered setting up of a committee under the chairmanship of BJP state secretary Malarkodi to probe the allegations. “Women are respected in our party and they are safe,” Annamalai said.

He said that he has accepted Raghavan’s resignation from the party post and claimed that a YouTuber, who is also a BJP functionary, who uploaded the obscene video, had twice pressed for action against Raghavan.

Annamalai explained, “YouTuber met me twice in my office claiming that they have evidence against Raghavan and demanded action against him.” Asking the YouTuber to provide proof, he had said that arbitrary action cannot be initiated without proof.

“They called me later and demanded action. I insisted on producing the evidence,” Annamalai said.

“When he said that he would release the video, I replied ‘go ahead’,” Annamalai said in a statement, recalling the conversation he had with him recently.

The YouTuber claimed it had several videos involving several leaders, Annamalai said and added, “It only casts doubt on their intentions, which is highly condemnable.”

He hoped that Raghavan would face the charges legally and prove himself.