Lockdown extended Till July 31 in Bengal, Schools, Colleges To Stay Shut


Lockdown extended Till July 31 in Bengal, Schools, Colleges To Stay Shut

Bengal has 14,728 confirmed COVID-19 cases thus far , with 580 deaths linked to the virus. There are 9,218 active cases within the state

Announcing this in the conclusion of a 3-hour all-party meeting now, Ms Banerjee Bengal chief minister said,”The COVID-19 difficulty is dispersing. Let’s attempt to expand the lockdown with limitations till July 31.”

Bengal listed 445 fresh cases of coronavirus now, which took the total to 15,173. The amount of active cases is 4,890. 11 deaths were listed that brought the total.
Another essential decision on the coronavirus catastrophe taken during the meeting would be to enhance services to non- coronavirus patients.

The governmental parties consented that non-COVID-19 patients had been facing great difficulty in receiving therapy at hospitals. The problem has to be handled and hospitals taken on board, Ms Banerjee said.

A cap on price of therapy also is on the anvil. “Maharashtra and Delhi have completed it. We should also,” she explained. The chief secretary will manage an advisory to hospitals.
“All parties wanted that this cover, Ms Banerjee said, adding,”This isn’t a time to conduct business.

There’s a pandemic and hospitals need to function in the spirit of support.”
About Cyclone Amphan, that also came up for debate, Opposition leaders of the Left claimed a success following the Chief Minister sent out a powerful message that corruption and nepotism won’t be tolerated in supply of relief.

Only yesterday, the Trinamool Congress sacked a councillor in Mathurapur two block for allotting relief funds to relatives members and friends, including individuals who’d two-storey homes untouched from the cyclone.

Corruption in relief supply was a longstanding criticism from the resistance against the judgment Trinamool. The Chief Minister has established an all-party committee to manage Amphan relief associated problems in the Sunderbans.

Corruption in relief distribution proved to be a longstanding criticism against the immunity against the ruling Trinamool. The Chief Minister has created that an all-party committee to handle Amphan relief related problems from the Sunderbans.