MAA Elections 2021: Debates, warmth, peace mark polling day

Prakash Raj and Vishnu Manchu are contesting for the presidency in the 2021 MAA elections.

Vishnu Manchu Prakash Raj MAA elections 2021
Vishnu Manchu Prakash Raj MAA elections 2021

Voting for the Film Artists Association (MAA) 2021 new executives began Sunday morning. Who in Telugu cinema went down to Jubilee Hills Public School and voted. The polls are the culmination of months of intense campaigning between Prakash Raj and Vishnu Manchu.

Some high voltage play was played outside the polling station. TV footage showed Prakash Raj and Vishnu Manju exchanging happiness and hugging each other.

Vishnu’s father Mohan Babu also extended his heartfelt congratulations to Prakashraj, who touched the chief’s feet with respect. The bitter things that Prakash Raj and Vishnu said to each other seemed to have absolutely nothing business and personal.

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Superstars in the Telugu film industry, including Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyanare hopeful that the split caused by the election campaign will end with the election and that cold heads will prevail. “I think we should consider this election as a mutation and a new normal. Such things are not good (for the industry). It is very unfortunate and we will try to avoid such situations in the future,” Chiranjeevi told the media.


“Whoever comes to power, we will all work together to take the MAA to the next level,” he said, refusing to publicly state his preferences between presidential candidate Prakash Raj and Vishnu.


Bawa Kalyan said he had never seen such a hard-fought campaign in the history of the MAA elections. “I do not understand the need for that. We have seen ruling parties coming to us seeking cooperation to contest local elections. When there is so much cooperation in politics, they (Prakash Raj and Vishnu) can sit together and settle differences,” he said.

However, there were some clashes outside the polling station. Allegations that one of the contesting camps was trying to rig the election by campaigning inside the polls also flew densely and fast. Some individuals were forcibly evicted because they could not provide their credentials as members of the MAA.

TV footage showed Naresh and Prakash Raj coming close to beating in a hot exchange. When asked by the media about this, Prakash tried to put the incident aside.

Ram Charan, Naga Babu, Balakrishna, Nithya Menon and Genelia voted. The ballots will be counted after 3pm and the winners will be announced today.