Maestro Movie Review: A fake remake, it often doesn’t become off-course

Critics Rating:  3.0 / 5

Maestro Movie Nithin
Maestro Movie

Maestro Story: The aged structured life of a visually impaired pianist unfolds as  he takes on a solo show at the home of an aging actor. After he digs his own grave, will he find a way to get it out?

Maestro Movie Review:  Merlapaka tries to take Gandhi Award-winning black comedy  Andhadhun  and Maestro tweaks it slightly.

Although the basic beats of the film are well known and it is almost a frame to remake, when left to the original and imaginary, the sentimental and main plot points are drawn to the hearts by the spoon.As the scene of a lead tapping a soda can rolling out of their way, you will be left with mixed emotions.

Arun (Nitin) is a blind pianist in Goa who lives alone with his cat queen in a disabled apartment. He plays his music in local restaurants and can save enough money to go abroad.

Sophie (Napa Natesh) and her father Pedro (Balakrishna) allow him to play in the restaurant where he fights. An old superstar named Mohan (Naresh) wants to look back at his old films thinking of lost pride.

He has been married to very young Simran (Tamanna Bhatia) since two years and he dreams of becoming an actress. 

Maestro  Jishu sees Sengupta as a CIA called Bobby, Srimukhi as his wife Lucky and Harshavardhan as a doctor.

An illegal affair prevents homicides, a key witness must find a way to save themselves and a rabbit escapes from a cabbage farm just in time.

Maestro  fans though will find Andhadhun  unnecessary script addition as most original Hindi movie is true .

The strength of the script is that none other than Sophie, Mohan and her daughter Pavithra (Ananya Nagalla) are vulnerable.

Each of these characters is ready to cross a castle when it comes, some more harmful than others. Therefore, activating them without anything other than self-preservation detracts from the nutritious nature of their fleshy way.

Judging by the essence of the film, the twists seem to be trying to reclaim a character. The dark comedy is also missing in the way the film progresses.

Although most of the people Nitin meets seem to be worse than him, he seems to enjoy acting as someone who lacks moral high ground. He fits perfectly into the skin of the character, when he pretends to be someone he is not or when he lives in a dream.

Napa’s character has pulled the carpet out from the bottom, and she always has her own in a film where she finally knows anything. Tamanna is fine as a young wife, she finds a castle and crosses it in a short time and she often fits well.

However, his Telugu discourse is distracting and detracts from the intensity of some of the scenes. The rest of the cast is doing their part better. Other songs and PGM are okay while Mahathir Swara Sagar’s  Vennello Adapilla makes a splash  .

He said that; The maestro  may not be the classic Ilayaraja number it made, but it is still as sexy as the latest Peppy number. It deserves to see it.