Maharashtra Announces Rs 65 Lakh For Families Of Cops Who Died Of COVID-19


Maharashtra Announces Rs 65 Lakh For Families Of Cops Who Died Of COVID-19

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on Friday reported that their nation government will offer Rs 65 lakh as compensation for the groups of each police personnel that died in their nation in illness. Conversing with PTI,” in addition, he stated this a family associate of each police personnel who died will undoubtedly soon be given a government career.

Until Thursday, in 30 police personnel, which include an officer, who’ve died from illness in their nation, although have analyzed favourable, the state explained. Of the entire volume, Rs 50 lakh is given from the government, Rs 10 lakh in police welfare finance and Rs 5 lakh by means of private financial insurance policy pay,” he explained.

“The federal government also has recently begun a helpline and place up physicians that were dedicated to getting prompt treatment of their police personnel, who’ve been taking care of the front line at Mumbai, Pune and other areas for that last couple of months,” he included.”Likewise, the police personnel could possibly acquire completely absolutely totally free treatment in 1000 hospitals below the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule overall health Scheme.

Rs 1 lakh has been given as progress level for treatment to each police personnel who’ve analyzed good,” he explained.The Union stated the government has produced all agreements to extend the treatment towards this police staffers.