Many websites down including Amazon, Twitter, the company fixed the problem


Many other websites and apps including Reddit, Amazon, Twitch, Twitter were temporarily down in India and some other countries. Several user complaints on DownDetector revealed that the outage was massive. The problem was caused by an outage in US-based cloud computing service Fastly, which was later fixed. This service runs the Content Distribution Network (CDN) used by Amazon and other websites. Fastly also confirmed that its services are down, after which a company also shared information about its fix.

DownDetector was reported by over 1,000 Reddit users and over 600 Twitch users. Users said that this website is not loading. In addition, Quora, GitHub and Spotify were also affected by the global outing.

Fastly at 9:58 am UTC (3:28 pm IST) Update Given that the company is investigating a problem with its CDN server. According to the company’s site, the complaints about “intermittent domain not found errors” started at 7:48 pm on Monday (Tuesday, 1:18 pm IST).

Subsequently, at 10:57 a.m. UTC (4:27 p.m. IST), the company through its status page called for the issue to be identified and the fix implemented. information Gave it.

DownDetector’s accordinglyIn India too, users had to face difficulties in accessing Google services, such as Search and Drive. There were also complaints about other websites and apps including Stack Overflow, Shopify, PayPal and Vimeo. Globally, CNN, HBO Max, Hulu and New York Tomes also became part of the Fastly outage. Most of the users saw the Error 503 Service Unavailable message.

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