Mozzarella Cheese will now be made without cow’s milk!


A team of scientists from San Francisco-based startup New Culture is set to modernize the art of cheese making. These scientists have named it animal-free Mozzarella, which will be launched by the end of 2023. Without the cow, the process of making cheese like a real cow would be by fermentation, producing a substance called casein. Then cheese with this original dairy can be made. The company says that the story of cheese making is about 2000 years old. But it has caused irreparable harm to the animals and even humans of this planet.

This feat will be done with the help of fermentation. The company said that casein protein is the main ingredient and it is the main dairy protein in cow’s milk. For this reason, 80 percent of milk protein is contributed by casein.
New Culture On that website, the company stated, “This mozzarella will be different from all other mozzarellas so far but will be almost identical in identity. It will also have the same taste, texture, melt and stretch. But it will be animal free, lactose free and eco-friendly. Casein protein is the main factor in the process of cheese making as it is the curdling of cow’s milk and most cheese is made from it. Casein protein gives the cheesy texture to dairy cheese as in the famous melt and stretch of mozzarella. It happens.”

new culture Matt Gibson, co-founder, says that since it is so difficult to make casein proteins by precise fermentation, his team and company have made some major breakthroughs over the past 18 months. Food Navigator “We are manufacturing a full range of casein proteins and have mastered the ability to regenerate casein micelles and produce all types of animal-free casein,” he said in a statement.

The company also states on its website that during the fermentation process it used the abilities of microorganisms to convert one food product into another. “When turning milk into cheese, for example, hungry microbes digest the natural proteins and sugars in the milk, making cheese. We put our microorganisms in fermentation tanks, feed them sugar, then in turn the ones made by them. Let’s collect the casino.”

Our team mixes animal-free casein protein with a few other ingredients like water, fat, minimal sugar, vitamins and minerals to make a great product. Our company produces fats derived from plants such as coconut oil. Uses sunflower oil and canola oil. Not only that, we only use plant-derived sugars such as glucose from corn and maltose from seeds and grains. We also add nutritious minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphate, vitamin A and vitamin B to it.

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