NASA said, there is no way to save the earth from asteroid


NASA and its partners around the world conducted a “table-top” exercise last month to determine how well scientists understand and find ways to prevent a massive near-Earth asteroid collision. How long will it take? The simulation was purely hypothetical and was intended to give scientists time to prepare for such situations. It created a scene that imagined a mysterious asteroid approaching Earth from some 35 million miles (56.3 million kilometers) away and expected to hit the planet in six months. Scientists sat for a week starting April 26 to plan ways to stop or change the direction of this hypothetical asteroid, named 2021 PDC.

All scientists participating in this simulation were given information about the asteroid every day, which was one month according to the timing of this exercise timeline. The size of the asteroid was reported to be between 35 meters and 700 meters. With each passing hour, scientists began to develop insights.

of this practice next dayThe team of these scientists said that in six months, the impact of the asteroid will be over a vast area, which includes Europe and North Africa. By the end of the week, he said with some degree of certainty that this asteroid would clash between Germany and the Czech Republic.

Scientists later concluded that there is no technology currently available to prevent a giant asteroid from wiping out the world. He said it could take more than six months for the asteroid to deflect.

scientists have a Statement I said that if exactly a similar situation were to be faced then (translated) “we would not be able to launch any spacecraft with current capabilities in such a short period of time.”

He also said that the damage could also be reduced by using a nuclear explosive device to intercept the asteroid. However, the ability of a nuclear explosive device to severely damage near-Earth objects may not be enough for such a large asteroid.

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