NASA shared a picture of a melting glacier on Instagram, beautiful but also dangerous!


NASA has shared a picture of a melting glacier on its Instagram account. As beautiful as this picture is to see, its reality is as horrifying. This picture shows that we are becoming victims of global warming very fast. This picture was taken by a French astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the International Space Station (ISS). It features the Upsala Glacier, the third largest glacier in the southern Patagonian icefields of Argentina and Chile. The US space agency says that our glaciers are getting smaller and these changes are visible to astronauts from space as well as by the Earth Observation Satellite, which provides information about the atmosphere of the planet to climate scientists. This picture clearly shows that due to global warming, a large part of this huge glacier has broken and it is melting rapidly.

NASA’s caption written in the picture says that as the climate on Earth is changing, the International Space Station is sending pictures of these changes to make our planet safer.

Till the writing of this news, the picture had been liked by more than 9 lakh users. Thousands of users have also left comments on the picture. Many people admired the beauty of the picture and many people expressed concern about climate change and global warming.

i_m_g was commented on by an account with the username “The planet is dying,” ([यह] the planet is dying)

Khyrstyn Jackson writes “I wish you would have put pictures from the last century next to this for comparison,” (I wish you could compare it with [ग्लेशियर की] Also put a picture of the last decade)

Sure this picture is beautiful, but if you go back a few years, you will realize how fast we are becoming victims of global warming. Hundreds of such glaciers have halved their original size. of the European Space Agency (ESA) Report It is said that this glacier has shrunk by more than 3 km between 2001 and 2016.

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