Naseeruddin Shah’s mother asked him before marriage ‘will you change Ratna’s religion’ so The Actor replied

Naseeruddin Shah
Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah said that before the wedding, when his mother asked him if he would like to change his wife’s religion, he had responded like this.

Actor Naseeruddin Shah has expressed his concerns on the division between Hindus and Muslims in the name of ‘Love Jihad‘ happening in the country.

The Actor made this remark in a video interview with Caravan-e-Mohabbat India, Jan Abhiyan. Moreover, Naseeruddin Shah also said that before the wedding, when his mother asked if he would like to change his wife’s religion, he had answered no to his Mother.

The Naseeruddin Shah said, “He is really angry about the way divisions are being created like the Love Jihad drama in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

He believes those people who have given this phrase do not know the meaning of the word jihad. He doesn’t think anyone would be so stupid that he would really believe that the Muslim population would be more than Hindus, it’s unimaginable. So this whole perception is untrue.”

Naseeruddin Shah believes that the words ‘love jihad‘ is derived from the idea of the people preventing social reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims and people stigmatizing inter-religious marriages.

These kinds of people are not only discouraging inter-religious marriages but these kinds of people are also banning social reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims,” the Actor said.

Naseeruddin Shah is married to theatre-film artist Ratna Pathak Shah (Ratna Sah). Naseeruddin Shah also said that he has always believed that marrying a Hindu woman will set a healthy example to the people of India.

“I don’t think it’s wrong,” the actor said, adding that when he was going to marry Ratna, his mother told him if he wanted his wife to change his religion, but my answer was no.

He said that nowadays, in the name of love jihad, young couples are victimized and they are pained. the Actor also said, “he never imagined the world like this in his entire life,”.

In an interview with Caravan-e-Mohabbat in 2018, the actor had said that cow slaughter at many places was being given more importance than Murdering a policeman.

Some people on social media expressed outrage over the actor’s comments after his interview was released online.

In his new interview, Naseeruddin Shah said, “It was wrongly interpreted that I was feeling scared. I’ve repeatedly said I’m not afraid.

Why should I be afraid? This is my country, I’m in my house. Five generations of my family have been buried in the same soil. My ancestors have been living here for over 300 years. Is it not Hindustani, what else do I need?”

It may be recalled that in November last year, the Uttar Pradesh government had issued an ordinance against forcible conversions and was the first state in the country to do so.

In the past few months, states like Haryana and Madhya Pradesh have also revealed plans to enact a law to prevent alleged attempts to convert Hindu women to Islam under the guise of marriage. The leaders of political parties often refer to such marriage as ‘love jihad’.