National Girl child day 2021: a step to let girls know their rights and empoyer them.


National girl child day is celebrated every year on 24 January in India which aims to encourage girls empowerment and fulfilment of their rights.

India celebrates the national girl child day today as it is 24 January and is celebrated every year on the same day. It is the initiative taken by Ministry of Women and Child development, which focus on addressing the needs and challenges girls face due to gender bias society.

Why do we celebrate National Girl Child Day on 24th January?

India Celebrate National Girl Child day to encourage girls empowerment and fulfilment of their rights, the initiative was taken by Ministry of Women and Child development in 2008 so that a support and opportunities can be provided to the girls of India.

When was National Girl Child Day celebration started in India?

It was started in the year 2008 and initiative of ministry of women and Child development to spread awareness on inequality faced by girls and women’s of Indian by the society based on gender.

It is made so that people of the society should know how to treat girls and to treat them equally as they treat others.

Several steps have been taken by the Indian government since years to get a change and improvise the condition of girls in India. It is an initiative to spread awareness on the gender based discrimination which they face.

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To reduce discrimination many campaigns were made such as save the Girl child, Beti Bachao Beti Padao, free education for the girls, reservation for women’s and girls in the colleges and universities.

Why is January 24th so important?

India celebrates National Girl Child day every year on 24 January, it is Important so that citizens who does gender inequality know that Government of India is there to support these girl and help them as every girl of India has same rights as other citizens in India.

It is important so that the gender discrimination is stopped in some parts of the Indian such as rural villages.

It is important so that girls also know their rights and they achieve their importance in India.

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