NEET Paper Leak: Jaipur police claim neet exam paper leaked for Rs 35 lakh

NEET Paper Leak: The national eligibility entrance test (NEET) paper conducted by the National Testing Agency on Sunday has been leaked. Jaipur police have revealed the paper leak case on Monday night.

NEET Paper Leak


8 persons have been arrested in connection with the paper leakage case. 10 lakh cash has been recovered from the arrested persons.

Police investigation revealed that the paper was leaked only at 2.30 pm on Sunday. The paper came out of the examination centre through mobile during the three hour examination.

The paper then reached the youth sitting in a flat at Chitrakoot in Jaipur. From there sikar was sent. The paper was solved from Sikar and returned to the examination centre. The paper leak deal was done for Rs 35 lakh.

The police will now send the information about the leakage of the paper to the authority conducting the examination.

Jaipur Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Police Richa Tomar said that a constable had received information that the investigatorpaper of rajasthan institute of engineering and technology examination centre would be sent outside the examination centre and solved and copied to the examinees.

Preliminary investigation revealed that sunil yadav, uncle of candidate Dhaneshwari Yadav, was traded with Navratna Swami, a resident of Bansoor in Alwar district and Ram Singh, an investigator at the examination centre, for Rs 35 lakh to be able to get the copy done by anil, the neighbouring e-mitra operator.

Police suspect that not only one candidate was copied by paying such a huge amount. Infact many examinees must have been copied. The matter will come to light after completion of investigation.

This is how the paper leaked

According to police, as soon as the examination started, the investigator Ram Singh had taken a mobile photo of the paper of dhaneshwari, a candidate from the mobile of college administrator Mukesh Samota, and sent pankaj and sandeep sitting in a flat in Swastik Apartment in Chitrakoot.

The duo had sent their colleagues Sunil and Dinesh sitting in the paper seeker on mobile. They solved the paper and sent it back to WhatsApp.

This was followed by the paper solved by the candidate Dhaneshwari through Ansar Ki. On receiving the information, the police had seized the paper and other documents from Dhaneshwari. The action was kept secret by the police.

It was disclosed on Monday night. Tomar said that a number of important information has been received during the investigation from the mobile phones of the arrested accused. A police team has been sent to Sikar on Monday night. Some more arrests are expected from there. Police are investigating how much of the deal was done for Rs 35 lakh.