New FAUG Update: New features to be launched soon from Battleroyale to new Guns.

New FAUG Update
New FAUG Update

New FAUG Update: Some feaures of Faug game was seen in the trailer, however were not in the game. Here are some new 4 features which will be updated soon in the game.

FAUG also known as Fearless and United Guards, is the new mobile game launched by India develping company Ncore. The game was launched on the republic day which was 26Th January 2021. Faug is a rival of the famous game PUBG and has already crossed 5 millions plus downloads on the google playstore. It has become the top free games in the google playstore.

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The game starts with a story of the soldiers and it does not have weapons in the game as of now. You can defeat the opponent using the fist. The first storyline of the game is on Ladakh Galwaan Valley, the site where the argument and standoff took place between the Indian soldiers and chinese Soldiers last year.

Many players are comparing the FAUG with the battle Royale of Pubg mobile and the reviewsof the users also try to compare it with PUBG mobile, however the Co-founder of ncore games has announced that soon there will be battle royale update will be rolled out with multiplayer mode and guns in the new FAUG update and also the battel pass would be seen.

FAUG is available to download on google playstore, to download the FAUG game you can click FAUG game download link