Nokia X20 will not ship with phone charger, the company is on the way of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi


According to the product page of the Nokia X20 smartphone, the smartphone will no longer ship with a wall charger. Nokia’s licensee company HMD Global launched the smartphone in Europe earlier this month. This smartphone will start selling from next month. Earlier, companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi had announced that they would not ship wall chargers with their smartphones as they were focusing on longer-lasting and eco-friendly packaging.

Nokia X20’s product page As per reports, the company has highlighted that the retail box of the smartphone will not have a plastic wall charger. The case which is being given in the box will also be 100% compostable ie compostable. The wall charger is also not mentioned in the list of inbox contents on the specifications page of the Nokia smartphone. HMD Global launched this smartphone in Europe on 8 April.

Apple was the first major company to stop shipping wall adapters at the launch of its iPhone 12 lineup. Samsung soon followed Apple and announced that its future models would not come with accessories like wall chargers and earphones. The company said that gradually removing the accessories from the phone can help make it more durable. Xiaomi CEO Lee Jun also announced that the Mi 11 smartphone will not have a charger in its retail box.

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