Now Battlegrounds Mobile India will see the latest update with Tesla car, new gun and many changes


Battlegrounds Mobile India has received its first content update. This new update to the Indian version of PUBG Mobile brings a limited time mode called Mission Ignition and has also made several changes to the game. Now a new gun named MG3 has also been added to the game as well as many changes have been seen in the Erangel map. Now the new Royal Pass Month system has also been implemented in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Additionally, developer Krafton has announced a partnership with electric car maker Tesla, where players will now get to experience Tesla’s Gigafactory, along with Tesla cars and trucks, in the game’s Erangel Map.

The new MG3 Light Machine Gun (LMG) has been added to Battlegrounds Mobile India version 1.5.0. It replaces the M249 found in Airdrop and can be obtained in the classic maps as well as the Karakin map. The M249 LMG can now be easily found as a look in any area on the map instead of airdrops. The MG3 gun supports up to 6x scope and comes equipped with a 7.62mm Amo 75 bullet magazine.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India update brings a new mission ignition mode, which is part of the Erangel map. Six new locations have been added to it. The mode also includes an automatic hyperline to move players from one part to another.

Krafton has revamped the settings, giving players the option to change the gyroscope sensitivity and a dedicated 90fps option for new devices. On low-end devices, gamers can also opt for a new graphic option that’s one level lower than smooth. Battlegrounds Mobile India now also allows players to change the sensitivity of their guns from advanced settings.

Krafton has also partnered with Tesla and Battlegrounds Mobile India will now showcase the electric car maker’s Gigafactory at four locations on the Erangel map. Players can enter any featured Gigafactory and watch Tesla Model Y production go from start to finish. They will also get a chance to drive in the new car and experience the Autopilot feature. In addition, self-driving Tesla Semi trucks will be available on the roads and will automatically ply on certain fixed routes. Players can get the supply box by damaging these trucks.

In addition to the Tesla partnership, Crafton has also introduced Clan Clash, where one clan can fight with another clan to earn clan points.

You can download Battlegrounds Mobile India update from Google Play Store and experience all these changes.

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