Pakistan stock exchange attack:Four terrorists killed, 6 more killed


Pakistan stock exchange attack: Four terrorists killed, 6 more killed

Four heavily armed militants attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange On Monday morning, killing four security guards and a police sub-inspector.

Four heavily armed militants attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange On Monday morning, killing four security guards and a police sub-inspector. Media reports said that the four terrorists were also killed in the firing.

Geo News reported that unidentified militants fired indiscriminately and hurled grenades while trying to enter from the main gate of the building. Sindh Rangers said police and ranger officers rushed to the spot and killed all four terrorists near the entrance.

Police said, AK-47 rifles, grenades, magazines and other explosive materials have been recovered. It is also evident from these weapons that they came with the intention of a major attack.

The attack also killed 6 others, including four security guards and a police sub-inspector, the news said. Who foiled his attempt to sneak into the Pakistan Stock Exchange on The II Chundrigar Road in Karachi. Several were also injured in the attack.

Dawn News reported that the terrorists could not enter the trading hall and the trade was not stopped and is still continuing. The firing by the militants created panic among the people in the building. The building and nearby areas have been sealed off and people have been evacuated from the back door, the news reported.

Talking to Geo TV, karachi inspector general (IG) said the situation is under control and all terrorists have been killed. He said rangers and police officers have entered the building and are carrying out search operations.

According to the official, reports say the attackers were wearing clothes that were usually worn while the police were not on duty. Police said the militants attacked with sophisticated weapons and had a bag of explosives.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Director Abid Ali Habib said the militants entered the parking area of the railway ground and opened fire outside the PSX ground.

He said he had come to the main gate of the building and entered from there after firing with the security guard. Habib said, “There was an unfortunate incident in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. They entered our parking area and shot at everyone.” Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah condemned the attack and said it, “is tantamount to an attack on national security and economy.

” He said, “Anti-national elements want to take advantage of the situation arising out of the virus.” Sindh province governor Imran Ismail has condemned the incident. “I strongly condemn the attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange,” he said on Twitter. This attack has been carried out to undermine our fight against terrorism. The IG and security agencies were instructed to nab the perpetrators of the incident alive and give stringent punishment to their bosses. We will protect Sindh at all costs,” he said.