Patient are treated next to COVID positive dead bodies in SION hospital

Patients are getting treated next to COVID positive dead bodies in SION hospital

The number of Coronavirus cases is growing day by day in Maharashtra and between that, there is surprising news which is creating doubt in people mind in India. In Mumbai’s well-known government hospital in Sion, the treatment of the COVID-19 patient is being done next to the dead bodies as the video about the same is going viral over the internet.

There has been negligence of the hospital’s administration in this whole case. The video was tweeted by BJP MLA Nitesh Rane. The video showcases that the bodies are kept in black plastic covered on the bed and patients are being treated among these dead bodies. You can clearly see 4 dead bodies wrapped in a black plastic bag on the bed.

Devendra Fadnavis has also tweeted on the matter of patient being treated next to the dead bodies. He stated that the incident which occurred in Sion Hospital is very serious, the questions are arising that there is no one to take of the people in Mumbai, the government should look into this matter as quickly as possible. For such an incident to not happen again, care should be taken properly.

In this matter, BMC Mayor, Kishori Peedekar says that there are 2 to 3 reasons behind this matter as the relatives of the corona patient do not come to collect these bodies. There are already 15 to 16 bodies kept in the mortuary, so the big question is where to keep the new body which is why the body is kept in the ward, Earlier the body was kept for 2 to 3 hour when there was no corona.

He stated that the relatives are always late due to corona. Sometimes the relative say that they will be there in 5 to 10 minutes. In such circumstances, avoid putting the body in the mortuary to avoid removing the body from it. The administration cannot dispose of the body which is why it is neatly tied in a plastic bag. In future, we are trying to keep the body outside separately.


Simultaneously, an enquiry committee has been formed about the viral video case of soon hospital, Pramod Ingale provided this information. The screening committee will investigate the reality of this video. The committee has to report it within 24 hours. He said that he will take strict action against the people who are doing this.