Paw Patrol: Movie Review

Paw Patrol Movie
Paw Patrol Movie

Paw Patrol Movie Review: The movie arrives in theaters, and to stream on Paramount +, this Friday, August 20

Although for the elementary school set, parents may be annoyed, Tow Patrol: The film is a warm and vague adventure with enough movement and vibrancy to help it rise above the usual annoying watching that many adults have to endure while satisfying their children.

With a lot of action, some decent parts, and an overall pep, Pav Patrol’s puppies know how to work in a movie. With more danger and pizza than its usual TV routine, Pav Petrol enhances everything for the big screen (or moderately streaming screen) so that the transition feels properly “eventful”.

Chase (Young Sheldon’s Ion Armitage) handles some of his past traumas, Adventure City bears Humdinger (Ron Pardo) his new mayor (with some notable parallels to Donald Trump), and a new dog joins the crew by the way, Dutchchund Liberty (Black-Ische) Name. There is enough new material going on to guarantee the film and there is enough condition so that the formula doesn’t change.

So it works, even if it’s obvious, it’s a boozy clean story that can be over 7 years old. Not all cartoon fares are made the same and in fact, most modern animated films are clearly made with adults in mind, with many jokes flying over children’s heads.

This is not the case with paw patrols, although there are some factors, particularly related to Mayor Humminger, that would create disturbing similarities from real life that adults would pick up. In addition, it is a very basic and religiously pure story designed to stand out while teaching young activists about teamwork and friendship.

At the forefront of the play, the sexy, intellectual anti-Mayor Humminger attacks Adventure City with a series of disasters due to his silly, insecure ideas, which require Ryder and his puppies to leave some more scenic Adventure Bay for some nearby Save and Shave, in the big city. Shift chased the lead dog.

This is where Mursai Martin’s Liberty comes in; She is a matchmaker, playing the role of a fickle, confident wanderer who has never faced the fears that Chase felt.

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This is a very basic and neat pure story.

Whether the kids understand it or not, they’re getting the basics of telling some solid stories here, which helps draw older viewers to the last line. The extra voice work done by Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Kimmel, Dax Shepard and Randall Park will not be noticed or appreciated by the children. The main Pav patrol crew remains largely untouched, sound, although there are some swap-outs for the big screen (especially the sounds of riders and chases).

From firecracker accidents to rollercoaster disasters to weather machines, (mostly) interchangeable can-canines handle some mildly digestible dilemmas, including the cost of kennel bubble effects and positive thoughts. The leap of the paw patrol to the movies isn’t high art, nor is it an animation that is easily or curiously experienced by people outside of its target audience, but it’s a well-crafted joy that enhances the dial on the puppies ’usual difficulties.


Paw Patrol Movie: This movie is a valuable and enjoyable offer for a pre-pretone set that uses mild character drama and buzz action to stand out as an adventure on the big screen. It may not be the first choice of any parent from the point of view of animation, but it maintains the standards of storytelling, creating a completely calm and comforting clock.