Players are facing many problems in Battlegrounds Mobile India, the developer promised to fix


Players of Battlegrounds Mobile India received the Season 20 (C1S1) update earlier this week, after which some issues have been noticed in the game. Unicorn-set outfits, login rewards, UC (in-game currency) purchases by players along with a few other problems have been reported. South Korean developer Krafton has acknowledged these issues and has promised to fix them. Battlegrounds Mobile India has become the most popular battle royale mobile game with over 34 million (34 million) players in the first week of its launch on July 2.

Krafton launched the first major content release for Battlegrounds Mobile India earlier this week Update version 1.5.0 and it introduced many new features and changes to the game. However, with the new changes, it also came with some issues that players are constantly complaining about. These problems include getting stuck at the loading screen when wearing a unicorn-set outfit. Krafton on fixing this problem doing work And he has suggested the players not to wear this outfit till the fix comes.

Players of Battlegrounds Mobile India are facing another problem. Login Day 2’s reward for the ‘Bring on the Heat’ event was visible in the form of a mission card (S19), although season 19 has already ended. This problem is already solved by the developer has been fixed And the reward is now showing as the mission card (M1) of the new season.

Some players are facing issues while purchasing the in-game currency ‘UC’ in Battlegrounds Mobile India and they are seeing an error after purchase. Although there is no quick fix is not. Krafton from players Settings> Basic> Customer Service Going to the game has asked to contact the customer care.

In addition, the developer has tracking page But there are a few other problems listed, including not being able to claim rewards from the Daily Special Bund and going to the wrong page when using the supply medals from the Advance Supply Crate.

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