Playstation 5 sold out within minutes of bookings open, know the price of this latest console


PlayStation 5 was back in stock for pre-order in India today. The pre-orders for the PS5 and PS5 Digial Edition started today at 12 noon and the new Sony gaming console was sold out within minutes of being listed on all retail websites. Let us know that PlayStation 5 was being sold in India on Amazon, Flipkart, Games The Shop, Prepaid Gamer Card, Reliance Digital, Sony Center and Vijay Sales, while PlayStation 5 Digital Edition was being sold in Sony Center’s website ShopAtSC. was being sold. The new console was not available on any website till the time of writing this news.

After February 2021, both these console variants were restocked today. This would certainly be one reason why the Playstation 5 and Digital Edition were sold out so quickly. Let us tell you that the production of these consoles has seen a problem after its launch in November 2020 due to the decrease in semiconductor production and chip shortage around the world and this problem does not seem to be fixed yet. Not only Sony, rival company Microsoft is also facing problems in production of newly launched Xbox Series X and Series S consoles due to similar reasons.

Despite the limit of one unit per customer, the console was sold out within minutes at all e-retail stores. Fans also shared their experiences on social media platforms.

Twitter user Rushad Irani (@RushadIrani) reported that the PlayStation 5 was not showing up on Aamzon India at the time of their booking and the console was sold out on Flipkart at 12:01 PM (1 minute after pre-bookings started). . Not only this, they had reached the check out page on Sony Center’s website, but there too at 12:02 an out of stock message came.

However, popular YouTuber Shivan Trivedi (@Shivan3vedi) was able to book his Playstation 5 on Amazon India after pages from Flipakrt, Vijay Sales, Croma, Reliance Digital, GamesTheShop and ShopAtSC did not load. shared by them screenshot It is known that Amazon will deliver this order by May 29. Although the city information is not included in the screenshot.

Customers who have successfully booked the console may see a delay in delivery as several states in India are currently under COVID-19 lockdown. The price of Playstation 5 in India is Rs 49,990 and its Digital Edition is priced at Rs 39,990.


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