PM Narendra Modi inaugurates ferry service between Saurashtra-Surat, find out what is typical

PM Narendra Modi inaugurates ferry service between Saurashtra-Surat, find out what is typical

Narendra modi
Narendra modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched several projects in Gujarat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched several projects in Gujarat. In a video conferencing programme, pm inaugurated the ferry service between Saurashtra-Surat.

Ease of Living: PM Modi
Addressing the event, PM Modi said how ease of doing business also increases with the start of one project and how ease of living also increases. This is the best example of that.


With the launch of Ropax ferry service between Ghogha and Hazira today, the people of both Saurashtra and South Gujarat have lost their years of waiting. The new terminal at Hazira has also been launched today: PM

The road distance between Ghogha and Hazira, which is now 375 km, will now be only 90 km from the sea route. It will now take only 3 to 4 hours to complete the distance it took from 10 to 12 hours to complete: PM

Above all, the connectivity of Saurashtra with a large business hub in Gujarat is going to change the life of the region. Now it will be easier for farmers and cattle farmers of Saurashtra to bring vegetables, fruits and milk to surat: PM

In Gujarat, many people have been engaged in starting the Ropax Ferry service. There were many difficulties in completing it. I am grateful to all those colleagues, i thank all those engineers, the workers who stood courageously and have shown the dream today: PM

Our efforts have given a new direction to the port sector of Gujarat. Not just building physical infrastructure in the port, a lot of work has been done to make the lives of people living around it easier: PM

Today, work on maritime business infrastructure and capacity building is progressing at a fast pace in Gujarat. Like Gujarat Maritime Cluster, Gujarat Maritime University, CNG terminals at Bhavnagar, many such facilities are being developed in Gujarat: PM

The government’s effort is to resume the ferry service between Ghogha-Dahej too soon. This project faces many challenges related to nature. Efforts are being made to remove them through modern technology: PM

Gujarat Maritime University is a very big centre for maritime trade experts, trained manpower. Today, there is a facility ranging from studying maritime law and international trade law to MBA in maritime management, shipping and logistics.

Surat-Saurashtra connected by waterways

From today, Surat and Saurashtra joined each other through ferry service. The ‘Ro-Pax’ ferry service between Hazira to Ghogha will start. The distance by road between Ghogha and Hazira is 370 kms. Through ferry service, people will be able to use the sea route and the distance between the two places will be only 60 kilometres.

Rs 25 crore spent on the project

According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the service has cost Rs 25 crore. Hazeera Ro-Pax Terminal is being inaugurated at Hazira. With a length of 100 metres and width of 40 m. This will be a major step towards exploitation of waterways and integration with the country’s economic development.

Many facilities at ropax terminal, will work every season

The terminal has several facilities, including an administrative office building, a parking area, a substation and a ‘water-bearing’ facility. According to the PMO, the Ro-Pax ferry vehicle will enable up to 550 passengers, 30 trucks, seven small trucks and 100 two-wheelers to be transported in an affair. The service will be operational every season and even between high waves. (Input-language)