Pubg Mobile India’s waiting for relaunching increases curiosity, know what’s the reason


The relaunching of pubg mobile games banned three months ago following the violent incident of Galwan in Ladakh continues to be a suspense. Meity, the ministry under the Centre, has not yet allowed pubg corporation to relaunch.

The relaunching of pubg mobile games banned three months ago following the violent incident of Galwan in Ladakh continues to be a suspense. PUBG Corporation announced some time ago that PUBG Mobile India will be relaunched soon. But MEITY, a government agency that approves foreign apps, does not seem to be in a mood to rush into the issue. It is currently silent on the issue of re-approving the app.

PUBG’s return prompts people
After the announcement of PUBG Corporation, social media was speculating that the game would be relaunched soon. In view of this, there has been tremendous enthusiasm on social media for the past one month.

MEITY has not approved so far
According to the information, the Central Government Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has so far shown no interest in approving the app again. MEITY is the only ministry that has so far banned more than 150 mobile apps to teach China a lesson. As a result, China has suffered a loss of hundreds of crores of rupees every month. According to an InsideSport report, MEITY still has no idea allowing PUBG mobile games again.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs registers

However, according to recent reports, Pubg has been registered in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as pubg India Private Limited company. According to a report by Gadgets Now, PUBG India Private Limited has been listed on the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. After registration the company has been issued corporate identification number U72900KA2020FTC141285. This indicates that PUBG Mobile India is one step away from a comeback in India. PUBG Mobile India has built its new corporate office in Bengaluru.

Know What IS MEITY

What is MEITY? MEIT is for the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It was the ministry that banned more than 100 Chinese apps. According to a report by Insideport, there is still no permission. The MEITY official quoted by Inside Sport said there has been no change in the stance taken in September at this stage.

Is PUBG Mobile India different from PUBG Global?

The company, which is going to be relaunched in India, is named PUBG Mobile India, while in the rest of the country, it is operating as PUBG Mobile. Looking at the Indian market, the company has also made claims for gameplay changes. Developers who develop the app say pubg mobile India used in India won’t show too much bloodshed. Also, the characters and the clothes and character will be according to Indian sensibilities.

Microsoft Azure Done Agreement for Data Protection

As per the information, KRAFTON, which develops mobile games like PUBG and TERA, has entered into an agreement with Microsoft Azure after getting approval from the corporate ministry. Microsoft Azure manages computing and storing resources at Microsoft’s data centers. It primarily protects data, such as server and user information. It has also been claimed to have disposed of complaints of leakage of data from PUBG users.