Pubg Mobiles banned removed in India? Pubg mobile India tweeted this

Pubg Mobiles banned removed in India? Pubg mobile India tweeted this

Indian Government has banned a lot of Chinese apps and you will not be able to see those apps on play store as they have been removed from play store so no one can download them in India.

Since the PUBG ban, A Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar had posted a tweet saying that with respect to Narendra Modi Atmanirbhar movement, they are going to launch a game called FAUG.

The FAUG game is being developed by NCore developing company, the tweet also stated that the net 20 percent of the revenue will be used for the bharatkeveer(Indian soldiers).

The game FAUG has received a lot of negative comments on twitter before its launch. Many have been commenting bad words and negative and demotivated words towards the FAUG tweet tweeted by Akshay Kumar. People are angry and need to know the developers and codes used to develop the game as they think it could be made by SSR(Sushant Singh Rajput)(data taken from twitter)

Yesterday PUBG mobile Indian tweeted that “since the PUBG mobile is banned in India finally we have decided to break our partnership with Tencent and soon collaborating with a new company.”

They will bring the game back in India so that Indian PuBg lovers are able to play. The PUBG mobile has also been removed from the play store.

The tweet has been deleted from PUBG Mobile India official twitter page, but we were able to capture the screenshot of the tweet which is attached below so that you know.

In case you already have PUBG installed, you will not be able to purchase the UC and other materials like skins, etc from it as it is blocked from play store and play store is required to make any in-app purchases.

Pubg Mobiles banned removed in India? Pubg mobile India tweeted this
Pubg Mobiles banned removed in India? Pubg mobile India tweeted this

Through this article, we want to give a positive suggestion to our users about the game FAUG. We are not paid nor we do any promotions of any apps. We just wish to suggest. If the FAUG game is an Indian game, then the people of India should be proud of it, because giving negative race before its launch will not do any good to the shaheed Indian army soldiers.

Instead of mourning or giving condolences to Indian army soldier at the time of their death(which is good), why not support this game and make their soul happy?.

Supporting FAUG game will help the developers to be motivated to bring good features in the game always and make a better game then PUBG and also as its stated that the 20 percent will be given to the Indian Soldier, then it is a win-win situation.

We know you may have a question in mind is just 20 percent? but you may not know that 20 percent is a lot of money.

The rest 80 percent will be required to make the game better in future, giving salaries to developers who will be working on the FAUG game to make it better, services do not come for free, which is why we want to positively suggest and request our users to provide support to the Indian FAUG game which will do only good to the best Indian army soldiers.

If you cant support, at least do not do false comments or demotivate the developers who are into making the FAUG game.

Disclaimer: The article above is purely based on the individual opinion and extensive research has been done towards the PUBG mobile India tweet. Our mission is to support India and PM Narendra Modi into doing good and development of India. Jai Hind