Pubg news: Pubg mobile India apk official download

Pubg news: Pubg mobile India apk official download
Pubg news: Pubg mobile India apk official download

The Indian pubg mobile player were so emotionally involved when they got see the official download link of pubg mobile India on Pubg india official website on friday. The links were not active so people could not download it. However it raises a lot of question in minds of players as it might be that developers were giving a final touch to the launch and design of the pubg mobile India.

Pubg Corportaion has not yet officially announced any pubg news regarding its launch date in India. It is said that a lot of thing regarding pubg mobile india launch will be cleared on official facebook page of the website as the press conference reported to be conducted on 24 NOvember 2020.So far company has been giving hints and released teaser of the pubg launch in India,however the date is not given.

The apk of the pubg mobile India had appeared on the website for some users for few hours on Friday. It had two download option, the first one was redirecting to apk link and the other download link was redirected to google play store. The first link however redirected to predated announcement, but the second redirected the users to pubg facebook page. This however raised a doubt that company’s official website is testing the bandwidth prior to its launch in India.

Pubg mobile has made a lot of changes to impress the Indian government so that it can be a win-win situation. First of all, the parent company of Pubg which is Krafton ended ties with tencent as to bring the data Indian users locally. Krafton tied hands with Microsoft so that the Indian users data can be stored on their server, this will enchance the gaming performance of the Indian users and might fix the lag and latency issues in pubg while playing the game as the servers will be locally stored and the data of Indian users will not be leaked which is as per Indian government policy.

As per the reports, some users got to know that the developers of pubg mobile were transferring the data from original pubg mobile to new pubg mobile India as users were getting a message that says”account data migration in process“. The data of Indian gamers to be stored on Microsoft Azure cloud services.

The pre-registration of the pubg mobile India is already happening for selected android and IoS consumers on the game sharing community taptap. The game description shows that it will be available in english and hindi language. The registration of Pubg mobile India has already started and teaser has also been released.

Pubg mobile India game will be according to the Indian government policy keeping the Indian users data protection in mind. The game avatar will be completed clothed and the blood will be replaced by green effect when the enemy is shot dead in the game. Also the time limit notification will be alerting the users to prevent addiction of the game to some extent.

Reports are also, that the new pubg mobile India game will be able to recognize the old ID of the pubg mobile Global, the outfits and achievements the users had spent the money on. This will be beneficial for the users as they will not have to start over again to complete the missions in Pubg mobile India. This also means that the in-game purchase which was there in Pubg mobile global will be transferred to the pubg mobile India game.