Pune’s youth made a wonderful picture of the moon with 50 thousand photos!


A 16-year-old teenager from Pune (Maharashtra) has created the most beautiful and detailed pictures of the moon. This young man has used 50,000 images for this. By combining these pictures, he made a very unique picture. Prathamesh Jaju describes himself as a novice astronomer and astrophotographer. He told that he processed a huge number of images whose size was about 186 GB. Prathamesh says that in processing the images on such a large scale, his laptop lost his life. When he completed it, that image was ready to be 50 megapixels. He scaled it down to be able to watch on mobile. Compositing techniques are used frequently in photography. In this, images from different visual sources are collected and applied and such an effect is created that all those images appear as part of the same scene.

Jeju has named it ‘HDR Last Quarter Mineral Moon’. The Moon’s brown and blue-gray tones indicate different mineral compositions on the Moon’s surface. Lunar craters are clearly visible in extremely high resolution images.

In an Instagram post, Jaju said, “I captured 38 panels with a 1.2 megapixel ZWO ASI120MC-S (astro camera) at 1500mm and 300mm focal lengths to enlarge the image by about 50 megapixels.”
He also used the Celestron 5 Cassegrain optical tube assembly (used in telescopes where the optics are set atop the tripod).

Jaju has also posted this post on his reddit account.
Many users appreciated this effort of Jeju.
Pooja Tolia, who describes herself as a star and her Instagram account is full of pictures of the moon, said, “It’s a very smooth mix. Brilliant!”

One person, who runs the account “birds.bees.trees.things” on Reddit, wrote, “Just saw you on reddit, your photos are really incredible.” There are beautiful pictures.

The last quarter of the moon is visible a week after the full moon. Half of it shines through sunlight while half hides in its own shadow. When viewed from Earth, we can see the moon half shining. It is also called the Third Quarter Moon which rises in the middle of the night. It is highest at dawn and sets in the afternoon.

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