#RajputSamratMihurbhojPratihar, Board of Rajput Emperor Mihir Bhoj installed in Bishada and Dhoklapura villages

#RajputSamratMihurbhojPratihar: The controversy arising during the unveiling of the statue of Emperor Mihir Bhoj by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at Mihir Bhoj College in Dadri is yet to subside. Meanwhile, the installation of boards of Emperor Mihir Bhoj in the villages is gaining momentum.


A board of Lakshmanvanshi Rajput Emperor Mihir Bhoj Pratihar was put up at the gate of Village Bishada and nearby Dhoklapura village, considered to be the gateway to Rajput Stock Chaurasi.

The Rajput community will take out a yatra from Sapnavat village in Sakha Chaurasi to Dhaulana in Hapur on Monday. It is being widely publicised on social media. It is believed to be a big issue in the upcoming assembly elections.

Even before the chief minister’s statue was unveiled in Dadri on September 22, the Karni Sena had started protesting against the writing of Gurjar next to the name of Emperor Mihir Bhoj on the shilapatta.

In protest, the Panchayat Kar Karni Sena had submitted a memorandum to ADCP Dadri Nitin Kumar in Pyavali village. The word Gurjar was removed from the shilapatta on September 21 when there was a protest.

On the morning of September 22, the Gujjar community protested against the removal of the word Gurjar. After removing the word Gurjar during the unveiling, the Gujjar community had held a mahapanchayat at the temple in Chithera village accusing bjp leaders of the same.

It was attended by leaders of the Gujjar community and social organization dignitaries from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, UP. Thereafter, a 151-member committee was constituted in the Panchayat in Surajpur.

On October 1, the committee members had asked the Chief Minister and other BJP leaders to apologise before the society after the meeting. It was given time of 30th October. Since then, the installation of boards of Emperor Mihir Bhoj has started in villages.

Board to be set up in gijhor village today

Greater Noida (Dialogue). Karni Sena Noida Metropolitan General Secretary Thakur Sangram Singh Chauhan said that a board of Emperor Mihir Bhoj will be installed at Gizour village in Noida on Monday. It will also be written as Kshatriya emperor. The Karni Sena team will be present there. The Karni Sena team had reached Bishada village on Sunday. Fireworks were set off on the spot after the board was installed.