Rang De Movie Review: Nitin, Keerthisuresh who made a fuss with riotous antics .. How is the movie ‘Rang De’

Rang De
Rang De
Rang De Movie Review :
Movie : Rang De
Lead Cast: Nitin, Keerthi Suresh
Director: Venky Atluri
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Young hero Nitin is going through a series of films. Nitin, who recently came up with the czech film The latest film rang de came up with the audience. Director Venky Atluri, who impressed the audience with the first love and Mr. Maznu, has screened the film.
The movie is starring Mudgumma Keerthi Suresh as the heroine. The film came to the audience on Friday. Let’s see how the rang de movie is a complete family entertainer
Story :
Arjun (Nitin) and Anu (Keerthi Suresh) are in the next house. They do not fall into each other from childhood, and they fight in every small way, and even when they grow up, their fights do not stop.
However, these two are forced to marry because of unforeseen circumstances. Do you continue to fight after marriage? What is the reason behind their forced marriage? is to see on the screen

Who did it …

Nitin and Keerthi Suresh are looking at the screen. Nitin’s funny acts and dialogue modulation are impressive to the audience. Nitin has done very well in emotional scenes. Keerthi Suresh also played the role of a good character. Fame in emotional scenes impressed with her performance. Naresh, Rohini, Suhas, Abhinav, Vennela Kishore and others have acted in their roles.

Technical Category:

Venky Atluri also chose a beautiful love story for his third film.  He also tried to drive the story with good emotions. The performance of the renowned cinematographer PC Sriram is excellent. Similarly, rock star Devi Sri Prasad has been impressed with the background music.
The songs in the film also impressed the listeners. The first part of the film is good entertainment. The second off is going to be good emotions. Nitin and Keerthi Suresh make a good feel to the audience.
Finally: Fun Rang De ..