Redmi phones crashing with Airtel’s SIM and app, users complain

Redmi phone crashing with airtel sim and app


Are you also one of the users whose Redmi smartphone is crashing with Airtel SIM card? Many users have complained that their Xiaomi Redmi smartphone is crashing with Airtel SIM card, though the problem is not with all the Readme phones. Users say the phone is constantly re-starting as soon as Airtel sim is put on the Redmi phone.

After the problem came to the fore, people on social media have lashed out at the uproar against the Omi. A statement from Airtel said that the problem is on behalf of the Omi. Many users have also claimed that a bug in the Airtel app is causing the Readme phone to crash. Many of the yjuers have also said that the problem is also coming in the Poco phone.

After the complaint surfaced, Airtel said in a statement that he and he have come to know about the problem and both are trying to find a solution together. He has said that users can go to the service centre to get it fixed. According to Airtel, he will soon issue a new update to fix it, though none of the two companies have said why this problem is happening in the Readme phone.