Reliance Jio added more than 35 lakh users, loss to Airtel


According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) report, Reliance Jio won a big victory in the customer base competition with over 3 million wireless subscribers in the month of May. Other telecom operators including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea (Vi) and BSNL lost customers. Bharti Airtel lost the most customers, followed by Vi and BSNL. Reliance Jio had a monthly growth rate of 0.83 per cent and it is worth noting that it was the only telecom operator that saw an increase in the number of subscribers at the time of the lockdown restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TRAI’s for May 2021 May report shows that the wireless subscriber market share of Reliance Jio increased from 36.15 per cent at the end of April to 36.64 per cent at the end of May. Reliance Jio added 3.55 million subscribers, taking the total subscriber base to 431.22 million. Bharti Airtel, on the other hand, lost the highest number of subscribers at 4.61 million in the month of May. Its market share declined from 29.83 per cent at the end of April to 29.60 per cent at the end of May.

Vi continued its losing streak with the loss of 4.28 million subscribers in May, reducing its market share from 23.83 percent to 23.59 percent. BSNL’s wireless subscriber market share stood at 9.89 percent with a loss of 0.88 million subscribers.

In the broadband segment, the same coin is running by Reliance Jio, which is with 55.65 percent market share (wired and wireless). Most of the growth created by Jio is in the wireless broadband segment, where it is ahead by a huge margin. BSNL continues to top the wired broadband segment.

Top 5 Wireless Broadband Service Providers for the month of May 2021 Reliance Jio 431.23 million subscribers, 189.49 million subscribers Bharti Airtel, Vi with 119.63 million subscribers, with 16.44 million subscribers BSNL and with 0.32 million subscribers Tikona (Tikona) Stay.

In the wired broadband segment, BSNL is at the second position with 6.03 million subscribers and Bharti Airtel with 3.24 million subscribers. Reliance Jio with 3 million subscribers, 1.87 million subscribers Atria Convergence Technologies and with 1.07 million subscribers Hathway Top 5 are included in the list.

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