Samsung Launches Bespoke Slim Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, Know Price


Samsung has launched its new wireless vacuum cleaner called Bespoke Slim. This Korean tech giant has launched this wireless vacuum cleaner in the market on June 3. As the name suggests, the device has been designed in such a way that it looks quite slim. This new vacuum cleaner is based on the previously launched Bespoke Jet AI Robot Vacuum. Samsung has given this new vacuum cleaner a very slim and attractive design. The company is quite confident about its performance.

Samsung Bespoke Slim Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Price And Availability

The Bespoke Slim Wireless Vacuum Cleaner price in South Korea is 549,000 Won (approximately Rs. 36,000). On the other hand, if a wet mop (wet mop) is added to this, then the price of the entire set becomes 649,000 Won (about 45,000 thousand rupees). This vacuum cleaner is available in Misty White, Greenery and Sun Yellow color options.

Samsung Bespoke Slim Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Features, Specifications

As always, Samsung’s innovative approach has been used in its suction design, which has a power of 150W. Samsung holds three patents related to the motor design of the Bespoke Slim. The device uses Samsung’s proprietary technology in its digital motor inverter for powerful suction power rating. Despite this, it proves to be a very compact and light weight device. The bespoke slim outperforms its predecessor in the same rating category. The motor speed is said to be 20% faster than the previous model.
The ‘Bespoke Narrow’ used in this is a thin and soft floor brush with 1,500 revolutions per minute. It effectively removes debris from nooks and crevices throughout the room. Its battery can give up to 50 minutes of cleaning time in regular mode. At the same time, it is able to back up for 25 minutes in Strong mode and only five minutes in Max mode.

A feature has also been given in the device so that the user can do cleaning without bending over. There is also a Stardust LED display to track the battery life and status of the device. Samsung is also offering a lifetime warranty for the digital motor inverter’s elements to be repaired or replaced. The company is also offering a value added service in the form of a lifetime warranty.

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