Samsung launches new smart refrigerator, equipped with artificial intelligence


Samsung has launched a new product in its bespoke lifestyle and kitchen appliances lineup. The company on Monday announced the launch of a new refrigerator in this lineup. The biggest highlight of the new Freeze is the large Smart Display, which helps in making multiple tasks smartly easy. Along with entertaining in the kitchen, it is capable of performing tasks like making grocery lists and video calling. It can be connected and synced with multiple devices simultaneously.

Samsung on Monday launched its new Bespoke Freeze, a 4-door refrigerator. The company has announced the launch of this product Tweet given through. The new refrigerator is currently launched in the company’s domestic market i.e. South Korea. It is offered in two capacities, first 824L and second 854L capacity. Both are priced at 3.59 million won (approximately Rs 2.35 lakh) and 5.42 million won (approx Rs 3.55 lakh) respectively. The new fridge comes with 23 color options.

In terms of specifications, the Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator comes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, which makes tasks like food management, family communication, entertainment and smart home easy. The refrigerator also comes equipped with ‘Food AI’ technology, which manages the food as well as provides dietary advice to the user. It recognizes all the items in the fridge and adds them to the “food list”, making it easier for the user to remember what’s inside the fridge.

Since it uses IoT, it automatically sends parameters such as cooking mode, temperature and time to Samsung’s direct-fired ovens and microwaves in the home, depending on the selected item. It syncs with each household member’s phone, so you can send information about left or expired items in the fridge to each other’s phones. Through the smart display in the fridge, you can add items to the list and that list will automatically update in other users’ phones. You can also view photos and videos on the large display or use media files as a slideshow.

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