Self driving car jammed traffic, watch viral video


In a new video, an automated car gets stuck in an intersection. This video is from US which is becoming quite viral. Waymo, Google’s self-driving car unit, sent technicians to get the car out of the way. But before they could reach there, the car decided to leave on its own. Then took off. It continued on the road in a turbulent way as if it had gone astray. After going a few meters ahead, it stopped at a halt and it blocked the three-lane road.

A YouTuber named Joil Johnson, who posts the video under JJRicks Studios, recorded the entire incident and posted it online. He was inside this automatic vehicle at that time. It is shown in the video that the car was supposed to take a right turn on a multilane road but due to some orange safety cones it could not do so and the whole incident happened. Finally a member of the support team went inside the car and then completed the ride safely.

Many people have commented on this video. These include a YouTube user Ned Shanibali. He has written a fictional conversation between Johnson and Waymo Assistance. This sarcastic comment is best highlighted by Johnson. It is written that the car behaved in such a strange way because they were trying to record its ride.

A user named Shane of Canada wrote, “This is so unique, I’ve never seen a robot in an anxiety attack.”
While Uchendu Nwachuku wrote, I am surprised that Rider Support did not ask the car to stay in its place until help arrives.

Another user lhamil64 wrote, “Very interesting situation. I guess it didn’t need to be resolved on my own until help had arrived. It looks quite silly that they were inside the car and the car hit it.” Decided to leave from there.”

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