#ShameOnTOI is trending on twitter with 15.2k tweets[as of 4:48pm] know the full story


Why #ShameOnTOI which means shame on Times Of India trending on twitter? The Times of India published a report on July 23, 2018 due to which it is facing criticism over the report published, As per the Netizens the article published by Times of India defame the Hindu gods.

The caption on Twitter reads that the ‘Godman’ of Maharashtra force men into unnatural sex. However, as per the news, a 38-year-old self-styled godman Asif Noori was arrested from Buldhana district of Maharashtra.


Netizens are now tweeting the #shameontoi to show their anger on times of India for the article which targeted the Hindu religion and some people are calling this Hinduphobic media. Some of the people are also demanding strict action against Times of India


Another user wrote, “It is a very common occurrence when a picture of Hindu monks or sadhus is posted in liberal newspaper agencies like TOI, Hindu or Express when the perpetrator is from the “world’s largest minority”. This should be stopped, salute to the one who called TOI.”


Another user wrote, “Hey @timesofindia – Asif Noori is not a godmen, but a #AllahMen, and even a speck of him does not resemble the picture you displayed.” What happens when a religion-funded media house enters the country and FDI is not permitted? Distortions are also accountable under the new IT rules, and as a result, police should take SUO MOTO in such circumstances rather than someone complaining about it.


Another user wrote “I used to read their news and believed that, it is legit, my parents are reading the Times of India newspaper, better to unsubscribe them from everywhere”