Shammi Kapoor: Birth anniversary remembering the iconic actor who entertained

Birthday: Learn these highlights of Shammi Kapoor till you go against your family and get married and teach dance to a film hero

Bollywood has long been ruled by the Kapoor family and almost everyone who came out of this family has shown their mettle in the film industry Hindi. It also includes the name of late actor Shammi Kapoor who brought about a new change in Hindi cinema with his dance moves. Shammi was called the Elvis Presley of Bollywood. His steamy dance had told people that the film hero could not only swing by holding a tree but also dance himself. Actors had also started dancing in films ever since his dance.

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Shammi was as good looking as the rest of his family and the girls were addicted to his looks. Born in Mumbai on October 21, 1931, Shammi passed away in 2011. Shammi was in the news for films as well as his personal life. So let’s tell you some of the highlights of his birthday today.

Reports suggest that his parents were very scared when Shammi was about to be born as two children born after Raj Kapoor were over. Shammi’s birth had brought a lot of happiness to everyone. He was the only child born in the Kapoor family who was delivered to the hospital. He was named Shamsher Raj Kapoor by his father Prithviraj Kapoor after birth but later made it Shammi.

Before becoming a hero in Bollywood, he was a junior artist and received a salary of Rs 50 for his work. He worked in his father’s theatre like other people. Even after being Prithviraj Kapoor’s son, he never got a Starkid launch.

Shammi started his career with the 1953 film Jeevan Jyoti. The film was directed by Mahesh Kaul. The heroine of the film was Chand Usman. Shammi Kapoor received Rs 11,000 for the film. Many of Shammi’s films flopped continuously before he succeeded in films but he never lacked work.

Shammi Kapoor had a huge success with the 1961 film Junglee. The songs of this film are still swaying on Yahoo. Few would know that when the Yahoo search engine was launched in India, people thought Shammi Kapoor was its owner. That is why yahoo’s top manager met Shammi when he came to India because it was because of him that Yahoo became a name.

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Shammi Kapoor’s film career was special and his personal life was also in the news. Everyone is aware that Shammi loved Mumtaz. The two had also planned the wedding but say that Shammi had placed a condition before Mumtaz to stop working in films due to which Mumtaz turned down his proposal.

Shammi Kapoor fell in love with Geeta Bali during the film. Geeta was older than Shammi and the Kapoor family was against the relationship but Shammi had decided that he would marry Geeta. Shammi had secretly married Geeta in the temple against the family where she had filled the demand for Gita with lipstick as she could not find sindoor. However, Geeta lived only 10 years in her life.

Shammi Kapoor birth aniversary
Shammi Kapoor

Shammi was last seen in Ranbir Kapoor’s rockstar. Shammi loved Ranbir very much and it was also revealed that his film proved to be Shammi’s last film. Shammi had passed away due to chronic renal failure. His departure was a deep shock to the industry.