Smartwatch in hand will be charged automatically with the smartphone kept in the pocket, this new technology will be like this


Researchers in Singapore say they have found a way to charge a handheld gadget by tapping the human body through wireless power transmission. They say their technology can take power from a source near a person, such as a mobile phone in a pocket, and transfer it to other gadgets worn by that person. The team from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS) says they developed this technology to solve the body-shadowing problem caused by exposure to wireless charging systems in small indoor areas.

The system, developed by the NUS team, consists of a chip in each receiver and transmitter mounted on the human body, which is used as a springboard to extend coverage over the entire body. Next, the user needs to place the transmitter on one of the power sources, such as a smartwatch on the person’s wrist, for example, and the system uses the energy from that source to transmit power to the body via Can charge many other wearables. The user will only need to charge one device, which will simultaneously power the rest of the gadgets he is wearing from the same source.

The barrier created by the human body coming between the wireless charging system is called body shadowing. Researchers have Nature Electronics Today’s available methods are unable to provide lasting power to charge gadgets worn on the human body, a study published in He further said that instead of trying to send charge around the obstacle (the human body), he used it to create and transmit energy.

Researchers also looked at ways to get energy from the environment. People are most of the time exposed to electromagnetic waves in their office or home environment, for example on laptops or other similar devices. This method of the team of researchers allows the body to take this energy and transmit energy to the wearables worn in the hand (or any other part of the body). This could mean that you can charge any smartwatch you wear.

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