Soldier flying in the air like ‘Iron Man’ seen in British Navy

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The British Royal Navy is testing new jet suits so that its marines can survive the effects of ocean gravity and fly like ‘Iron Man’ to board other ships. UK-based Gravity Industries has released a video of the suite being tested. This jet suit is made by this firm.

It is shown in the video that a Royal Marine wearing this jet suit is flying from an inflatable boat. Soaring over the sea, it lands on the deck of the Marine Navy’s offshore patrol vessel HMS Tamar. In the video, a machine that looks like a backpack can be seen strapped to the Marine’s shoulders. Also a pair of cylinders is tied with one hand.

These machines give this person enough thrust to launch from the speedboat. It maintains its balance while flying and landing over water. After landing on HMS Tamar, the Marine throws a ladder rope at his mate so that he can board the ship from the boat.

The Royal Marines were here doing a mock exercise of the “Visit, Board, Search and Seizure” operation which is one of the most complex and dangerous missions of the maritime mission. Apart from this, the Marine has only the option of landing by helicopter to go to another ship. But that takes a lot of time.

Quoting a press release issued by Gravity Industries, Business Insider’s Report Said that 42 Commandos Royal Marines took part in this exercise. This trial lasted for three days. In this, he explored alternative ways away from traditional maritime boarding practices. The report also said that the British military has not yet decided whether they will buy this technology or not.

Highly ranked British Navy officer Admiral Tony Radakin said the suit is the latest game-changing kit.
The tweeted video has garnered over 548,000 views.

Paramedics tested this suit to reach people in distress in the remote and rugged Lake District region of England. Using this suit saves them a lot of time which they spend by road or walking. Still the work of developing this jet suit is going on.


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