Sonu Sood opened the tailor shop, self-made clothes for free, just one thing is not guaranteed! Learn What

Sonu Sood

Now Sonu Sood has once again come to the discussion. Because Sonu has opened up Tailor’s  shop, and she is also sewing people’s clothes as a tailor himself. But there is absolutely no guarantee of one thing in this tailor shop.

Sonu Sood has emerged as the Messiah in lockdown. And since then, they have been in the limelight for some reason or the other. Now he has come to the discussion once again. Because Sonu Sood has opened up taylor shop, he himself is sewing people’s clothes as a teller. But there is absolutely no guarantee of one thing in this teller shop.

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The clothes that are sewn sitting on the tailor ‘s machine.

Sonu Sood has shared a video showing her sitting on Taylor’s leg-running machine and sewing clothes. The caption of the post says, “There is a free stitch, but there is no guarantee that the pants will be replaced by pants. This can give us an idea of Sonu Sood’s tailoring skills.

Sonu Sood tailor shop.

The video is a great choice for Sonu’s fans and the actor’s style is also very pleasing to him. Sonu shared the video on Twitter. The main thing is that people are also asking for help by commenting on this video.

Sonu Sood Father used to do clothing business

Sonu Sood‘s father was also associated with the clothing business and sonu has learnt a lot with him. They have also learnt to recognise fabrics and that is why they know how to deal with the customer. However, sonu sood has been in controversies for a few days and is also taking legal issues with the BMC.

The BMC has alleged that Sonu Sood made the residential building a hotel which is illegal. However, Sonu Sood has dismissed the allegations and the matter has now reached the court.