SpaceX’s dish got hot, the internet got lost, the user fixed it himself in a strange way


A case of an Arizona beta user of Starlink Internet service of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has come to light. Users were recently forced to resort to a strange method to get back online after their satellite dish overheated and went into thermal shutdown. After the service stopped the message on the app was showing – “Offline: Thermal shutdown. Overheated. Starlink will connect after cool down. This could be a problem. It’s only afternoon in Arizona.” User posted on Reddit.
On the platform, a user named SocietyTomorrow wrote that the temperature in the state was 112 degrees Fahrenheit and its internet was shut down for 7 hours due to the shutdown.

When the user spoke to the Starlink customer support service, he said, “Dishy goes into shutdown at 122F temperature and will restart once it reaches 104F.” Users said that if what the customer support service said was true, they would have to “move away” from SpaceX, highlighting a significant shortcoming of satellite internet.

But the solution he used to get back online kept the discussion going. “Okay, that’s about the craziest thing that’s actually worked. I ran a little water fountain down the side of Dishy. Once it was on I immediately heard the playback in YouTube again. “
“Water-cooled internet, good,” was one of the many responses the workaround received.

Responding to questions from users on Reddit, a Starlink beta user said that the weather was not that bad yet. It will be 125 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees Fahrenheit on most days in the state by July. This means that ‘thermal shutdown’ can be a serious problem for many users hoping to switch to satellite internet service.

Adding to the depth of the conversation, another user (w7rh) said that Society Tomorrow was not the only one facing Starlink’s closure due to the weather. “My Starlink is located in a remote area 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon. It’s turning off and on here too.”

As SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet connection continues to grapple with the heat, it looks like the company will need to come up with a long-term solution to ensure that. So that the connection is not interrupted even in extreme weather conditions. If not, then as one user suggested, “then others may also have to resort to a small integrated fountain with a nice little drizzle throughout the day.”


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