Stone Pelting on John Abraham’s film ‘Attack’ team, find out why the set was sturdy

John Abraham Attack Movie Shooting
John Abraham Attack Movie Shooting

Aligarh, JNN: There is a sudden explosion on Sunday at the Dhanipur Airstrip. The flames of fire spread all around.

The rising smoke shells are also seen by the people nearby. The people who were coming out of GT Road also became apprehensive.

The fire shells were calmed down while rising throughout the moment. In fact, it was not an accident, but the shooting of John Abraham‘s film ‘Attack‘.

The scene of the explosion during the plane crash in the film is being filmed. The fire-scorched scene was shot on a duplicate.

The stunt man also comes under fire. The fire is extinguished later. On Sunday, crowds of people thronged the second day to see the actor.

But nobody got a chance to go inside. Seeing from the wall, the people calmed their curiosity.

The shooting of the attack film on the Dhanipur runway started on Saturday. In this film, the famous film actor, John Abraham, is in the main role.

Actress Rakulpreet and Jacqueline Fernandes are also in this film. For two days, Actor John Abraham‘s scene was being filmed. The shooting started at dawn on Monday.

The scene of the plane crash was filming. In Aligarh, such a large scene is being filmed for the first time in history.

Every step was full of dangerous stunts

Every scene of the film ‘Attack‘ on Sunday was full of dangerous stunts. The plane was being run on the runway since morning.

John Abraham was seen racing on the bike. The racing of his bike was like a splash. On Sunday, he was also seen in black jeans and T-shirts.

On Sunday, the scene of the plane crash was filmed, which lifted the water by smoke. However, the plane was a dummy, which was made like an exact plane.

The fire shells engulfed the sky. The people in the vicinity came in a one-time dash. Even on GT Road, people stood up for a while.

In the scene, the stuntman was seen wrapped in a fireball. John Abraham also appeared to be doing stunts down several times.

Luxury ships needed for villain

The director of the Angel Flying Club, BK Vishal Garg said that the director needs an eight-ten-seat luxury ship for the villain. It is going on with the Delhi company. A ship has also shown its own. Which is of six seats. The director can also use this ship.

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Jacqueline won’t come

Film Actress Jacqueline Fernandes is looking less likely to shoot on the runway. It is discussed that Jacqueline‘s scene is not here. So, she would not come. Actress Rakulpreet is also less likely to come.

Stone pelting also took place, the police ran the people out

During the shooting, all the people of the nearby village climbed the runway wall. It started to have difficulty in the shooting.

Since the scene was a plane crash. As there was no accident, the security personnel took them out. Some people started stoning them. Then the unit team had to call the police.

The police ran the people out. Earlier, there was a view of the people’s departure. The people hanging on the boundary wall were eager to get a glimpse of a scene.

Some villagers brought JCB to watch the shooting, sitting up, so that the shooting would be visible. Most of the people were climbing the nearby trees, waiting for hours to see each scene.

When a light glimpse of John Abraham was visible, The was delighted. The values seemed to have met John Abraham.

People were standing in the fields around the Dhanipur Runway. At times, people were trying to sneak in from the main gate, but the security personnel did not let them enter inside. It appeared depressed. Small children were also present to see the shooting.

Promotion being given in UP

After the death of film actor Sushant Singh, nepotism had made a new debate all over the country. After that, CM Yogi Adityanath had announced the relocation of the film city in Noida.

He said that the film city will be one of the world’s finest film cities. In view of the CM‘s move, it is believed that film and tourism are being promoted in the state.

So, such a big film is being shot on the Dhanipur Runway in Aligarh. Everybody is surprised that only one thousand rupees per day Runway has been given.

in the midst of the shooting, Civil Aviation Minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi’s arrival also remains a matter of discussion.

It is being seen from the view Yogi‘s promoting the shooting of films. It is believed that CM is ready to provide every useful facility to promote films in the state.

Present with the team

With the Team, the film’s director Lakshya Raj Anand was present with the entire promptness. The product manager Shivani was also present during the shooting.

The remaining shooting is also scheduled for Monday. If the entire scene is shot by evening, then the team will return back to Mumbai.