Sunny Malayam Movie Review

Sunny Malayam Movie Review: Familiar Story of a Lonely Man in Quarantine

Sunny Malayalam Movie
Sunny Malayalam Movie


Sunny Malayam Movie Story : Sunny, who is returning to Kerala from Dubai following some complications during the epidemics, is staying in isolation at a luxury hotel. Loneliness and anxiety and hallucinations haunt him because he tries to fight in his personal and professional battles.

Sunny Malayam Movie Review : Films filmed in isolation have become almost a genre during the epidemic, indicating how an industry in history is adapting to changing times. By the time we’ve already seen several pictures in this setting, how is Sunny?

In a writing film by Ranjith Shankar, the musician played by Jayasurya is deeply troubled by many things in life. He almost fled from Dubai to Kerala. He stays in isolation in a luxurious hotel, but nothing makes him happy.

A few people, from his estranged, pregnant wife to a well-meaning doctor and a policeman, often communicate with him on the phone, while Sunny struggles to solve his problems.

By the time each of us has heard so many stories about those who have had to restrain themselves from others in isolation or have experienced it firsthand, Sunny and her bitter struggles can be relevant for most to begin with.

The smallest and most complex things that can break his mind or boost his confidence, such as the loneliness and the pure horror of hearing voices in your head, are all a roller coaster ride of emotions we have all experienced.

The film also draws an interesting picture of how Sunny sinks into darkness while dealing with every demon in her head. Jayasuriya pretends to be very optimistic for relief. Even his subtle moans and murmurs show how bitter he is in all that has happened, yet he longs for things to fall.

The team is qualified to test a man image type. Limits triggered by locks and restrictions have become a license to try novel storylines. But, as we watch more and more films made in an isolated setting, the novelty is slowly fading.

Now, their execution is important.Sunny is only an hour and 33 minutes. However, unless you are a hard-core film buff, the film still does not fit everyone’s current attention. Also, the first few minutes of the film come as part of an advertising campaign for a hotel and its isolated services.

Sunny says that it is more important than ever to hold our loved ones tight, but one has to be patient with the image to slowly get to its level, however one can interact with slow actions.