Supreme Court’s big decision, orders CBI to investigate Sushant singh rajput case

Supreme Court’s big decision, orders CBI to investigate Sushant Singh Rajput case

Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey said Sushant Singh Rajput case will now be judged. The decision has boosted the confidence of the people of the country in the Supreme Court.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has decided to hand over the probe into the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput to the CBI. Sushant’s father and the Bihar government had sought to hand over the case to the CBI. The Apex court rejected the Maharashtra government’s claim and directed that the Mumbai police hand over all evidence to the CBI for further investigation.

The Supreme Court said Sushant was a talented actor. Who settled the world before showing his acting ability. His kin, friends and fans are also eagerly awaiting the outcome of the investigation to put a pause on all speculations about the death. That’s why an impartial investigation is the need of the time. There will also be proper justice for Sushant’s father who has lost his only son.

In the case, the Supreme Court on petitioner Rhea Chakraborty said that Rhea himself had also demanded a CBI inquiry. He should also get justice.

The Supreme Court has ordered a CBI inquiry under its privilege article 142. The decision has been made to build people’s trust in full justice and investigation. In an order on Sushant’s case, the Supreme Court also filed, “When the truth comes out, the departed soul will also get peace. Satyamev Jayate.’

The SIT team formed by CBI to investigate the case will now soon meet the Nodal Officer of Mumbai Police (DCP Croim Branch Officer) and take all the information related to the case such as documents, statements, forensic reports, post-mortem reports, mobile forensic reports, bank accounts forensic audit report.

The Apex court also said that the Bihar police had the power to file an FIR. The FIR lodged in Patna was correct. The Bihar police also had the power to investigate the case. The Mumbai police investigated sushant’s death to the extent of the accident, while the Bihar police had registered an FIR on all aspects. The Bihar government was empowered to recommend a CBI probe.

Sushant’s father’s lawyer Vikas Singh said it was a big win for Sushant Singh Rajput’s family. Justice is expected now. The Mumbai police had not even registered the case yet.

In Bihar, DGP Gupteshwar Pandey said that justice will now be done in Sushant case. The decision has boosted the confidence of the people of the country in the Supreme Court.

The Bihar government has already handed over the FIR lodged in Patna to the CBI. While the Maharashtra government was opposing the cbi’s handing over the probe into Sushant’s case. The Maharashtra government had argued that the Mumbai police should look into the matter as it had already recorded the statements of 56 people in the case.

It was also said on behalf of the Uddhav government that sushant’s death was under the purview of Mumbai police as the incident took place in Mumbai and the victims, accused and witnesses are all from Mumbai.

Sushant’s father had earlier filed an FIR in Patna but later demanded that the case be handed over to the CBI. In a reply filed in the Supreme Court, accused Rhea Chakraborty had said that she had no objection to handing over the case to the CBI.