Tech giant Google to give more than $100 million to news publishers


Tech giant Google to give more than $100 million to news publishers

Tech giant Google will pay more than 100 million dollars to publishers for news licensing in the next three years. Google has entered into a licensing deal with 200 publications in certain countries for this. Its scope will be further widened over time.

Google controls a large portion of advertising with Facebook in the field of news. This part of the advertisements first went to the publishers of the news sector. Google’s move is to tell publishers that it is willing to pay for high quality journalism and for the betterment of the sector that is undergoing a crisis.

These licensing deals are about Google’s new product news showcase. The publishers in it will be able to decide how their content can appear on the platform. Google will pay some publishers to provide paid content free of cost to people who have not taken a subscription.

In Google’s programme, which began thursday, users from Brazil and Germany will be able to take advantage of this feature. This news showcase is currently going to be available only on the Google News app available on Android. But, it will be launched for iOS as well very soon. Google plans to give this feature to the Google Discover app and Google Search as well.