Tesla car will be seen in the new update of PUBG Mobile, many changes with new guns


Krafton and Tencent Games have added a new Tesla car to the global version of PUBG Mobile. Announcing the new PUBG Mobile 1.5 update on Friday, the developer announced the arrival of a new Tesla car in the game. Two Tesla models – the Model Y and Cybertruck – have been added to the game. However, these cars will not be available to everyone. Apart from the car, the new update will also see some other changes. Let us tell you that PUBG Mobile is banned in India and instead Krafton has launched this game in the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country. However, this car is currently included in the global version only.

PUBG Mobile released the 1.5 update of the game through its Twitter account. declare And the game also sees two of the most popular electric cars from Elon Musk’s electric car maker – the Model Y and Cybertruck. Information also shared. In addition to the addition of new cars, the game’s Erangel map will also see a number of changes, such as Pochinki will now be called Transit Center. Apart from this, Georgopol will be called Port of Georgopol, School will be called Tech Center, Military Base will be called Security Center, Yasnaya Polyana will be called Logistics Agency and Mylta Power will be called Energy Center. All these places will belong to Tesla’s factory.

Not only this, the new update also brings changes to the building and a futuristic anti-gravity bike has also been added. Hyperlines have been added to the entire Erangel map, through which players can easily travel from one place to another. A new gun named ASM Abakan has also been added to the game. Now the M249 has been removed from the airdrop and replaced by a new MG3 light machine gun. Now the color of the amo indicator will also change with the end of the bullets of the gun. The color will turn yellow in 25% of tablets and red in 10%.

of PUBG Mobile patch notes As of now, players who update the game between July 9 and July 16 will receive 2,888 BP with 100 AG and a Victorian Maiden Backpack (3d). The size of this update will be 686 MB on Android and 1.64 GB for the iOS version.

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