Tesla customers will get $ 16,000 in fines, know the reason


Tesla has been found guilty of reducing charging speed and reducing battery capacity after a software update on its cars. A Norwegian court gave this decision. Around 30 car owners had filed a complaint against the company in the court. In this complaint, the company was accused of reducing the battery life of the car and its charging speed after the software update in 2019. The court asked the car company Tesla to pay a fine of $16,000 (approximately Rs 11.65 lakh) to each affected consumer.

In June 2019, people who bought Tesla’s Model-S cars made between 2013 and 2015 saw a sudden reduction in both kilometer range and battery capacity after a software update. After that the company said that this has been done to increase the safety and longevity of the battery. After 16.1 and 16.2 software updates, these vehicles started experiencing this problem.

Norwegian news outlets Nettavisen According to reports, Tesla sold about 10,000 Model S cars in Norway. Therefore, for Tesla, this decision from the Norwegian court against the company has proved to be very costly. The judgment was pronounced on 17 May. Tesla has been asked to pay the fine by May 31 or appeal the case again by June 17.

Electrek in 2019 Report It was said that after the software update, Tesla car owners are facing the problem of reduction in car range. The report also said that out of the models that were discontinued in 2016, only the Model S and Model X were affected by the software update.

One of Forbes Report According to reports, similar lawsuits have been filed against Tesla in several other places. In 2019 itself, a mass action lawsuit was filed in North California. It said that after the software update, the range of older car models was reduced to 40 miles. The complaint also alleged that Tesla tampered with the software to avoid legal obligations to consumers such as reconciliation, repair and battery replacement.

Now Tesla has a few weeks left to file an appeal against the decision in Norway. If Tesla does not challenge this decision of the Norwegian court, then the company will have to pay about $ 160 million (about Rs 1,160 crore) in damages.

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