Tesla electric car’s self-driving system mistook the moon for traffic lights, watch video…


Who is better between a computer and a human brain? No one can possibly answer this question. Some believe that computers and artificial intelligence are faster and more accurate, but some experts say that the creator of these machines and programs is also human. Now take the modern electric car maker Tesla, the company’s all-electric car is equipped with a special autopilot feature, which is capable of controlling the car completely automatically. However, this autopilot has also made mistakes many times and there is a new one that is causing people to pull Tesla’s leg. Actually, while walking on the road in America, a Tesla car mistook the moon shining in yellow in the sky as a yellow light in the traffic light.

Actually, this anecdote is from North Carolina, USA, where a Tesla car owner was driving his car on the highway when suddenly the moon shining in the sky was mistook by the car’s autopilot as a yellow light of the traffic light and the car driver was asked to speed up the car. Started issuing reduction alerts. The driver made a video of the incident and shared it on his Twitter account. This Tesla owner named Jordan Nelson also tagged Tesla owner Elon Musk in his tweet.

He told Elon Musk in his tweet that his team should test this autopilot system, which considers the moon to be a traffic light. He further explained that his car was mistaking Chand as a yellow traffic light and the system was keeping the car slow.

Nelson to ViralHog Told That he had bought a subscription to Tesla’s full self-driving feature. Let us tell you that Tesla recently announced that Tesla owners can also subscribe for a price of $99 or $199 per month instead of paying $10,000 all at once to adopt the full self-driving feature when buying a vehicle. .

Describing the incident, he said (translated) “I went to the local 4-lane highway to try it out and noticed that the car was a bit hesitant, as if it wanted to slow down, while there it was normally driven at my prescribed speed. But had to stay, because there was no one in front of the car.” He further explained that when he looked up, he found that the moon was right in front of him and because the color of the moon appeared yellow amid the smoke of forest fires on the West Coast, it was deceiving the car’s autopilot.

The video had been viewed more than 11 lakh times, retweeted more than three and a half thousand times and liked by more than 14 thousand people till the time of writing this news.

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