The debris of the out of control Chinese rocket fell on the earth at this place


For the past few days, the Chinese rocket Long March 5B had made many countries sleepy. It was reported that the rocket was out of control and its debris could fall anywhere on the earth at any time. Many countries including America were threatened by this. After several days, now all countries have breathed a sigh of relief, as the debris of this Chinese rocket fell in the Indian Ocean near Maldives on Sunday. For the past few days, this 21-ton Chinese rocket was circling the Earth uncontrollably in space. If this entire rocket or even a small part of it had fallen in a residential area on the earth, then surely a big accident could have happened.

of China’s official newspaper ChinaDaily Report According to the Chinese space agency China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) announced on Sunday that the major part of the Chinese rocket Long March 5B Y2 rocket collapsed while entering the Earth’s atmosphere and the remaining part fell into the Indian Ocean. The rocket re-entered Earth’s atmosphere at 10:24 am Beijing time, and after some time it fell into an open area of ​​the ocean.

China is building its own space station in space. The name of this station will be Tiangong Space Station and the first part of this was sent with the Long March 5B Y2 rocket. This rocket had successfully left the space station module at its designated place, but on its way back it went uncontrollable and for the past few days it has plagued all the countries.

China may also send some more rockets for its space station program in the coming weeks. It is reported that China is planning to complete this space station by 2022. However, this does not mean that we are in danger from it. Accidents like this happen in the space program. Even before this, space programs of many countries have failed.

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