The problem of falling hair will end! Claims in Japan’s research


A team of researchers from the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research in Kobe, Japan may have found a solution to the problem of hair loss and baldness. Many methods have been invented in the past to solve hair related problems. But this method is unique because it is a method of continuous cyclic regeneration of hair follicles from hair follicle stem cells. As part of their experiment, the researchers took fur and whisker cells from mice and processed them in a laboratory with other biological materials under controlled conditions.

One press release Using 220 combinations of ingredients, we found that combining a type of collagen with five factors in the NFFSE medium yielded the highest rate of stem cell expansion in the shortest time, he said. The researchers further explained that hair growth in mammals is a continuous cyclic process. Hair grows, falls out and regrows. They develop in the anagen phase and fall off in the telogen phase. Therefore hair regeneration treatment is successful only if it produces recurrent hair growth. In their experiment, they placed bio-engineered hair follicle stem cells in NFFSE medium and observed regenerated hair for several weeks.

The study showed that 81 percent of the hair follicles generated in the NFFSE medium went through at least three hair cycles and produced normal hair. In contrast, 79 percent of follicles grown in the second medium produced only one-cycle hair. In addition, the researchers also looked for markers on the cell surface cultured in the NFFSE medium and found that optimal hair cycling was related to the binding of Itgβ5.

Makoto Takeo, the study’s first author, said that when Itg5 was bioengineered in the hair follicle, about 80 percent of the follicles reached three hair cycles. But without it, only 13 percent of Rome reached three cycles. Tsuji said RIKEN’s culture system will help bring hair follicle regeneration therapy to reality in the near future. He said that RIKEN is primarily an institution that conducts basic research and clinical trials usually require external collaborators. That’s why we are looking for a partner company to help develop clinical applications and also take steps like donations to boost R&D.

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