These features will stop working if you do not accept the new policy of WhatsApp


At present, users have some time left to accept the new policy update of WhatsApp. The new policy is going to come into effect from May 15 and it focuses on sharing user data with Facebook. For the past few months, both concern and resentment are being seen in the minds of users regarding this new policy. The company has also posted the updated policy in the FAQ section of its website. Now, the main question arises that if users do not follow this privacy policy, what will happen to them? Will their accounts be permanently closed? Users have many questions in their mind, so we have tried to address some of your concerns.

WhatsApp FAQ microsite It is clearly written in the words that “Due to this update, no user’s WhatsApp account will be deleted nor anyone’s account will stop working on May 15. We have been showing a notification on WhatsApp for the last several weeks, In which more details have been given about this update. We have given a lot of time to all the users to read this update. Now we are again reminding those who have not read and accepted it yet. A few weeks ago After that, users will start getting reminders continuously.

Regarding the reminder, WhatsApp has further clarified that “If you have been updated by then conditions And privacy policy If you do not accept the new policy, you will be able to have limited use of certain features of WhatsApp.” This suggests that non-acceptance of the new policy will not lead to the termination or deletion of users’ accounts, but will limit the use of certain features.


If users do not accept the new policy, users will not be able to see their chat list, but will be able to answer incoming voice calls and video calls. However, if the user has turned on WhatsApp notifications, he will be able to read the message, or reply to the message, by tapping on the incoming WhatsApp notifications. Apart from this, the user will be able to make voice or video calls by tapping on the notification of missed voice call or video call.

However, WhatsApp has clearly warned that after using these limited features for a few weeks, incoming calls and notifications will stop and the user will not be able to send messages or make calls on WhatsApp. It has also been told that the existing privacy policy will be applicable on inactive accounts as well.

Please tell that even before WhatsApp its clearly said That this update policy will not affect the privacy of the users. Chats will remain end-to-end encrypted as before and will not allow access to messages, media content, voice calls and video calls sent by WhatsApp and Facebook users.


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